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Please feel free to call us on 0800 269 377 or submit a Contact Us enquiry under the HELP tab on our website. We’d love to hear from you!

What is a whiteboard?
A whiteboard is a polished surface typically used for temporary markings in conjunction with dry-erase pens. Ideal for quick and easy writing and erasing they are prevalent in classrooms, offices and now we’re making it easier than ever to have one in your home.

How do I contact customer service?
Email us at sales@writeyboard.co.nz, call us on 0800 269 377 or chat with us on our Live Chat.

Why choose WriteyBoard?
Our specialty adhesive allows for a simple and sleek application, flush with the wall, that is a fraction of the cost of conventional whiteboards. You gain all of the performance of a superior dry-erase board and lose all of the burdens of installation like drilling holes in walls and high costs. They can also be removed and re-applied. Because we use less material our products are also much easier on the environment, pre and post production, not to mention all the paper (and $) you’ll save.

Why choose WriteyBoard Paint?
It’s a fantastically modern way to bring your walls to life and add functionality to previously unused space. We have revolutionised the Whiteboard Paint industry by being the first company worldwide to produce a single part solution. All other Whiteboard Paints on the market are a two part solution which requires the mixing of two separate components prior to applying. Our dry-erase paint formula delivers the ultimate in erasing performance and while being highly cost-effective and easy to install. There are also no limitations with the dimensions, so unchain the shackles of your mind and release that impulse to draw all over the walls!

Where are we located?

Can we make custom sizes?
Absolutely, email us at sales@writeyboard.co.nz, call us on 0800 269 377 or chat with us on our Live Chat to find out more

What are Writeyboards Standard Shipping Rates?
Depending on the size of the order, shipping rates are around $8. All shipping charges are calculated in the check out process.

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