Cloud Premium Writeyboard Cloud Premium Writeyboard

Cloud Premium Writeyboard


With all these "Cloud" hacking schemes going on these days you can't be too careful, unless... you have a WriteyBoard Cloud! WriteyBoard's 1' x 1.5' ft. Cloud Bubble Stick On whiteboard safely stores any personal message or reminder and changing your thought even easier! Just wipe clean, re-write and re-stick wherever you need it. Perfect for any student, busy parent, or 9-5 office warrior who needs a little place to jot down an important detail.

*As all surfaces are different, we recommend testing in an inconspicuous place prior to application.

*Packaging may differ to image shown.

  • True Portability makes mobility a reality.
  • Installs in a snap!
  • Adaptive foam backing creates a smooth surface, every time!
  • No wrinkles. No bubbles. Guaranteed.
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